What is a Wiki??
WikiWikiis Hawaiian for "quick". Wiki Design Principles
Wiki has turned out to be much more than I'd imagined! That is not to say that I didn't imagine a lot. These are the design principles I sought to satisfy with the first release of Wiki. -- WardCunningham founder of first Wiki

  • Simple - easier to use than abuse. A wiki that reinvents HTML markup ([b]bold[/b], for example)
    • Open - Should a page be found to be incomplete or poorly organized, any reader can edit it as they see fit.
    • Universal - The mechanisms of editing and organizing are the same as those of writing, so that any writer is automatically an editor and organizer.
    • Precise - Pages will be titled with sufficient precision to avoid most name clashes, typically by forming noun phrases.
    • Trust - This is the most important thing in a wiki. Trust the people, trust the process, enable trust-building. Everyone controls and checks the content. Wiki relies on the assumption that most readers have good intentions
    • Fun - Everybody can contribute; nobody has to.
    • Sharing - of information, knowledge, experience, ideas, views
    • Collaboration - We believe that this could make a good collaboration tool, both synchronously and asynchronously.
    • Platforms - We like the cross-platform implications.
    • Social Networks - Its power for supporting collaboration is great.