Our Class Star Readers


Micah chose the book green eggs and ham by:Dr.Seuss.He did a good job with fluency.The problem in the book was that Dr.Seuss wouldn't eat green eggs and ham.Micah chose this book because it was funny.His favorite place to read is in his bed.His favorite seiries is Dr.Seuss.His favorite book is green eggs and ham.The genere of this book is fantisy.At the endof the book Dr.Seuss finally tried the green eggs and ham.It was a fantastic book!




She got Stinky Cheese from the library and asked Mrs. Davis is she could read it. The setting of the story is castle.The problem of the story is the step sisters make cinderrella keep cleaning up while the mean step sisters go to the ball. But a magic man came and said I can get you a nice dress and someone to go to the ball with she heard someone outside was sceaming cinderrumplestiltskin!!! So they went to the ball and her new name was cinderrumplestiltskin.and her favorite place to read was in her bed room.


Clay pick this book becaus he likes mice.The setting of The story is in the library.The genere of clays story is fantisy.The problem in the story is the mices secret almost got let out.The suiution is sam fixed the story so when you read it is about to mice.Clays favorite spot to read is at the beach.The to main chacters in the story are tom and sam.The adventure in the story is sam goes out of his hole and almost gets cought!