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Fossil Pit Link Click on the Identification page and look for the fossil you found!

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All Kinds of Animals

National Geographic for Kids

NC Zoo

Woodland Zoo great animal facts

Human Body

Mr. Bones Activity - (Click on "Mr.Bones" under "Activity" to build the skeleton)

Kids Health - questions and answers

Dem Bones Singing Skeleton

How the Body Works

Bones Exhibit from Children's Museum - Fun games to test your knowledge about humans and animals!

Quizlet on Human Body

Owl Pellets VoiceThread
Bone Chart for Owl Pellets
Owl Pellet Dissection

Science Kits

Foss Web Site


Moon Challenge Game

Moon Phases - explained

Phases of the Moon interactive website by Harcourt - simple but good

Phases of the Moon Calendar - pick a month and see the phases of the moon

Panoramic views of the moon

Wonderville Moon Phases - (takes several seconds to load)

All about Space from the Smithsonian

All about Planets

NASA for Kids


Light and Shadows

Movement of Earth, Sun, and moon

Views of Earth

Square of Life Project

Click here for Project Data

Plants and Soil

Making a Compost

Earthworm Millionaire Game

The Dirt on Dirt

The Great Plant Escape - go on Plant Mysteries and learn all about the case

The Dirt on Soil- learn about the layers of soil

Plants in Motion

The Square of Life Project

Seed Dispersal

Life Cycle of Plants

All About Plants


National Hurricane Center

FEMA for Kids

Weather Channel for Kids